European Defence Fund

EDF: Energy resilience and environmental transition


Voltar calls tópicos co-financiamento EDF-2021-ENERENV-D-EEMC: Energy independent and efficient systems for military camps Despite a constant improvement of their energy efficiency, a growing energy consumption of weapon systems and of their logistic footprint has been observed. This is mainly due to the number of the vehicles, the huge requirements in mobility of force, the on-board electronic [...]

EDF: Digital transformation


Voltar calls tópicos co-financiamento EDF-2021-DIGIT-R-FL: Frugal learning for rapid adaptation of AI systems In times of real-time information availability and exchange, and increasing complexity of situations, artificial intelligence (AI) has become an essential driver for new competitive system solutions. Future military capabilities will include a significant share of systems that will make massive use of AI techniques. [...]

EDF: Space


Voltar calls tópicos co-financiamento EDF-2021-SPACE-D-SNGS: Space and ground-based NAVWAR surveillance This call aims at improving space-based PNT resilience in contested environments through the mapping and analysis of threats. It will complement the on-going EDIDP project on Galileo PRS receivers and contribute to reinforce Galileo as a credible European solution for defence applications. This call aims also [...]

EDF: Cyber


Voltar calls tópicos co-financiamento EDF-2021-CYBER-R-CDAI: Improving cyber defence and incident management with artificial intelligence The Commission will pay particular attention to the other R&D and dual-use on-going initiatives at Union level to avoid unnecessary duplication. The ability to detect and respond to security incidents suffers from several challenges, including: the ever increasing amount of data that [...]

EDF: Advanced passive and active sensors


Voltar calls tópicos co-financiamento EDF-2021-SENS-R-IRD: Infrared detectors The domain of Infrared (IR) detectors encompasses a variety of technologies that detect in different spectral bands for a variety of applications (land, air, naval, space, missile guidance, drones...). IR detectors are key drivers to increase DRI ranges and thus improve the global efficiency of the system (situation awareness [...]

EDF: Information Superiority (C4ISR)


Voltar calls tópicos co-financiamento EDF-2021-C4ISR-D-HAPS: High-altitude platform systems Information superiority is a critical capability to be developed and improved with the aim to address future challenges to be faced by European Defence Forces and NATO stakeholders, and more specifically to support reactive and efficient decision-making processes. In order to improve systems dealing with command, control and [...]

EDF: Defence medical response, CBRN, biotech and human factors


Voltar calls tópicos co-financiamento EDF-2021-MCBRN-R-CBRNDIM: Detection, identification and monitoring (DIM) of CBRN threats Rapid detection of hazardous agents, detailed identification and monitoring over time and geographical area are an essential part of the CBRN response chain, and the demands vary depending on the specific task. Based on the situational awareness that DIM provides, military commanders can [...]

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