European Defence Fund

EDF: SME calls


Voltar tópicos co-financiamento EDF-2022-LS-RA-SMERO-NT Non-thematic research actions by SMEs and research organisations This call encourages the driving role of innovative SMEs in bringing forward innovation defence research, possibly by adapting technologies from civil applications or addressing hybrid warfare. Successful SME beneficiaries may be offered Business Coaching, to reduce the [...]

EDF: Disruptive Technologies for Defense Applications


Voltar tópicos co-financiamento EDF-2022-LS-RA-DIS-AC: Innovative technologies for adaptive camouflage Camouflage is an important measure to protect soldiers and military platforms. The adaptation of the camouflage characteristics to the conditions, such as encountered sensors, environment and threat level, could bring this protection to a new level. Both the performance of the [...]

EDF: Simulation and Training


Voltar tópicos co-financiamento EDF-2022-DA-SIMTRAIN-MSSI Modelling, simulation and simulator integration contributing to decision-making and training This proposal should lead to an enhanced EU military training and decision-making capability by connecting individual national systems through distributed solutions. Achieving the added benefit of sharing and pooling resources across EU through a shared ecosystem [...]

EDF: Underwater Warfare


Voltar tópicos co-financiamento EDF-2022-RA-UWW-UTS: Underwater manned-unmanned teaming and swarms This topic addresses research for future capabilities addressing moving subsurface threats using manned-unmanned teaming and swarm technologies, possibly including surface and air platforms and components, particularly in confined and shallow waters (CSW). This System- of-Systems (SoS) should enable enhanced operational efficiency [...]

EDF: Naval Combat


Voltar tópicos co-financiamento EDF-2022-DA-NAVAL-MSAS: Medium-size semi-autonomous surface vessel The goal is to study, design, prototype and test a medium-sized semi-autonomous surface vessel (MSAS) with at least an ISR modular mission payload. Medium-sized should be understood as a vessel that can host the designed mission modules, be optionally manned based on [...]

EDF: Force Protection and Mobility


Voltar tópicos co-financiamento EDF-2022-RA-PROTMOB-FMTC: Future mid-size tactical cargo aircraft Tactical transport aircrafts are the workhorses of battlefields, fulfilling missions like airdrop delivery, parachutist drop, logistics, medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), air to air refuelling, special missions under harsh and adverse conditions, which are critical for the success of military operations. Operations in [...]

EDF: Ground Combat


Voltar tópicos co-financiamento EDF-2022-DA-GROUND-CGC: Collaborative combat for land forces The evolution of threats: In the next 10 to 15 years, the evolution of threats will drastically change the management of land operations linked to other domains. Our forces will face a new conflict, including technological dissemination and porosity between different [...]

EDF: Air combat


Voltar tópicos co-financiamento EDF-2022-DA-AIR-AEW: Airborne electronic warfare As European forces increasingly face sophisticated long range IADS and A2/AD systems, airborne electronic attack (AEA) capabilities become essential to create safe bubbles around formations of aircraft. From the operational perspective, the AEA capability must be able to mitigate Electro Magnetic (EM) threats [...]

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