Marinha Portuguesa contrata Indústria Nacional para construção de 6 Navios de Patrulha Oceânicos

We bring the year 2023 to a close with the celebration of another auspicious development: the formalization of a contract for the construction of six new Ocean Patrol Ships (OPS) intended for the Portuguese Navy

idD Portugal Defence was represented by the President, Alexandra Pessanha, during the contract formalization between DireçãoGeral de Recursos da Defesa Nacional (DGRDN) and West Sea, which took place at the Central Navy Facilities – Casa da Balança, in Lisbon. The ceremony was presided over by the Secretary of State for National Defense, Carlos Pires, on behalf of the Minister of National Defense, Helena Carreiras. This agreement marks a significant milestone for the national naval industry.

The responsibility for building these ships has been assigned to West Sea – Martifer Group, located in Viana do Castelo, reinforcing Portugal’s commitment to the development of its naval industry. We also highlight the important role played by DireçãoGeral de Recursos da Defesa Nacional (DGRDN), making this agreement possible.

The six new OPS, joining the four already in operation, will play a crucial role in replacing the corvettes still in use, contributing to the modernization and strengthening of intervention capacity in national maritime spaces.

OPS are recognized for their versatility, being essential in missions such as fishery inspection, traffic control, prevention and combat of maritime pollution, as well as in combating illegal activities such as drug trafficking and illegal immigration. Additionally, they play a vital role in fulfilling the country’s international commitments, particularly in the areas of maritime search and rescue and cooperative security within the NATO alliance.

The engineering project, the responsibility of the Portuguese State, underwent a review and update based on technological evolution and experience gained from operating previous series of ships.

With this initiative, Portugal not only strengthens its operational capacity at sea but also promotes innovation and growth in the national naval industry, consolidating the country’s position on the international maritime scene.