European Defence Fund

EDF: Air and missile defence


Back calls topics co-funding EDF-2021-AIRDEF-D-EATMI: Endo-atmospheric interceptor – concept phase Air Superiority is one of the eleven EU capability development priorities identified as part of the revised 2018 capability development plan. This priority includes specifically A2AD type (anti-access area denial) and BMD (ballistic missile defence) capability shortfalls. The emergence of new threats such as manoeuvring [...]

EDF: Ground Combat


Back calls topics co-funding EDF-2021-GROUND-R-IW: Improved warheads Defeating improved protection systems of main combat platforms, hardened targets and reinforced (critical) infrastructures remains a focal challenge for military operations. Enhanced effects on targets, like blast, perforation, penetration, shock, bubble effects or electromagnetic pulse, are required to defeat such advanced protection systems. In this way, the development [...]

EDF: Force protection and mobility


Back calls topics co-funding EDF-2021-PROTMOB-D-SS: Development of full-size demonstrators for soldier systems Soldier Systems support force protection, increase operational effectiveness, reliability and endurance of individual soldiers and formations. They comprise the gender-neutral equipment of individual military personnel to be able to operate with a sufficient level of protection in any operational environment. Soldier Systems are [...]

EDF: Naval combat


Back calls topics co-funding EDF-2021-NAVAL-R-DSSDA: Digital ship and ship digital architecture Digital technologies evolve at a very high pace, with civilian markets as key driver for innovation. The mastery of the data cycle, from capture to management and exploitation, is now considered as a key element for ship superiority at sea (combat capabilities, improved maintenance, [...]

EDF: Disruptive technologies


Back calls topics co-funding EDF-2021-DIS-RDIS-QSENS: Quantum technologies for defence Quantum sciences have the potential to be a disruptive technology for a wide range of application domains including defence. At the core of this “second quantum revolution” is information: its acquisition (quantum sensors, quantum imaging), its transmission (quantum communications) or its processing (quantum computation). In the [...]

EDF: Open calls for innovative defence technologies


Back calls topics co-funding EDF-2021-OPEN-RDIS-Open: Research on disruptive technologies for defence The development of new defence products and services very often relies on incremental improvements of existing ones leading to a higher performance or more efficient operation of established capabilities. However, technologies are emerging that could – when used in a military context – radically [...]

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