Novos Adidos de Defesa em Luanda e Cidade da Praia

On March 8th, idD Portugal Defence welcomed the appointees to the positions of Defence Attaché in Luanda, COR Joaquim Estevão da Silva, and Defence Attaché in Praia, CMG Carlos Carvalho Afonso, who will take office in the coming days.

In this regard, idD presented the activities it has been carrying out in the field of defence industries and the development of the Portuguese Technological and Industrial Defence Base, as well as the main points to highlight in Portugal’s relationship with Angola and Cape Verde, and the other countries that the Attachés will cover as non-residents, namely, Ivory Coast (CMG Carlos Carvalho Afonso), Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Republic of Congo (COR Joaquim Estevão da Silva).

We wish both new Defence Attachés great success, as they will also have the important mission of being ‘ambassadors’ of the Portuguese Technological and Industrial Defence Base to these countries!