The Ministry of National Defence, through the Directorate-General for National Defence Resources (DGRDN) and with the support of idD Portugal Defence, promoted the holding of the first meeting of the NCI Agency and the NCI Academy with the national Industry and Academy.​

This event, which took place on February 24, 2022, aimed to promote the participation of Portuguese entities in the NCI Agency and NCI Academy value chain through the different NATO procurement programmes. In attendance were NCI Academy Director Garry Hargreaves, NCI Academy Business Manager Jan van Geest, NCI Agency Purchasing Director Jennifer Upton, and NCI Academy Learning Design and Development Branch Head Sebastiaan Tampinongkol.

About 30 representatives from companies, universities and other organizations participated, including the Director General of the National Security Office, the Commander of the Military University Institute and representatives of the Naval School and the Military Academy.