idD apoia Novos Desafios Tecnológicos nas Jornadas do Mar

‘Jornadas do Mar’ took place, between November 28, 29, and 30, at the Naval School, an event with the central theme “Ocean: New Technological Challenges.”

Designed for students from different higher education institutions, the ‘Jornadas do Mar’ event aim to stimulate the presentation and guided discussion of relevant topics, providing a space for interaction among participants and individuals connected to the various areas under discussion.

This year, idD Portugal Defence supported the awards for the best papers presented by Master’s and Ph.D. students in the field of military and naval sciences. In the 2nd category, the study titled “Status of Vitamin D in active Navy personnel: a systematic review” received recognition. In the 1st category, two papers were awarded: the first dedicated to researching detoxification mechanisms (related to present pollutants) in marine mollusks, and the second focusing on the biotechnological approach to producing a recombinant protein from a toxin found in a marine annelid.

idD’s participation highlights the crucial role of the Defence sector in promoting research in the naval field.