idD Portugal Defence met, on July 21, with the Director General for National Defence Policy, Paulo Lourenço. The meeting was attended by the chairman of idD Portugal Defence, Marco Capitão Ferreira, the Executive Director of idD Portugal Defence, Catarina Nunes, the Director of International Relations Services at DGPDN, Noémia Pizarro, and Lieutenant-Colonel Estrela Bastos, from this department of DGPDN.

The parties addressed issues of common interest, and a mutual willingness to cooperate closely in the execution of an integrated and articulated policy between the two entities was immediately expressed.

Bilateral Relations were the subject of an exchange of views on how the Defence Economy and its close relationship with Internationalization can be increasingly fruitful if there is a close relationship between idD Portugal Defence and DGPDN.

The Portuguese Presidency of the European Union was another of the issues addressed, as well as the importance of the European Defence Economy for the future of Europe and the role that Portugal can play in this area.