idD Portugal Defence is one of the founding shareholders of Magellan Orbital the Portuguese company for the development, operation and management of satellite constellations launched on October 22 at the Portugal Air Summit 2020, in Ponte de Sor, Portalegre.

Marco Capitão Ferreira, chairman of idD Portugal Defence, signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the constitution of Magellan Orbital, representing the participation of the Portuguese State in this company which includes, as equal shareholders in the capital structure, CEiiA – Centro de Engenharia e Desenvolvimento de Produto, Efacec, Omnidea and Tekever.

Magellan Orbital, a Space and Defence company, involves investments of over 30 million euros in various technological areas and results from the articulation of shareholders with Portugal Space, the Air Centre, the Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

Marco Capitão Ferreira highlights Magellan’s relevance in meeting National Defence needs, such as the ability to exercise sovereignty in the Exclusive Economic Zone and in the context of the Extension of Portugal’s Continental Shelf, or in carrying out missions such as search and rescue. Equally relevant is the company’s potential in the development of the Portuguese economic fabric, in a logic that integrates companies and skills that enhances the increase in the value chain and  strengthens Portugal’s ability to compete in international markets.

“The interests of Defence are doubly fulfilled with this project, which we adhere to with the expectation that it will mean a foundational moment in the passage of our national capacity to a different level, in which we can export services, since it is about designing and operate a constellation. There is no reason why Portugal cannot, whether in the economic field or in the geo-political domain, constitute itself as a regionally important player in the Atlantic basin where there are dozens of countries with needs in this area”, said Marco Capitão Ferreira.

With satellites dedicated to terrestrial observation, the information produced at Magellan Orbital will be useful to the Armed Forces and the National Defence device, to the agencies and public bodies of Security and Defence, Environment, Scientific Research, Meteorology and Civil Protection, as well as surveillance and protection of maritime resources. Sectors such as logistics, aquaculture, energy and tourism are also potential beneficiaries of the information produced.

Magellan Orbital’s ambition is to operate a space infrastructure efficiently, at competitive prices, contributing to knowledge and technological innovation, and creating qualified employment that allows for the establishment of brains trained in the country’s universities in Portugal.

Headquartered in Ponte de Sor, Magellan Orbital will work in collaboration with industry and academia to leverage technologies, products and services offered by the Portuguese business fabric, incorporating them into its offer of products and services in the international market.