A presidente da idD Portugal Defence, Alexandra Pessanha, marcou presença no Portugal Air Summit - Take Off '24

idD Portugal Defence CEO highlights the importance of the development of the Defense Industry in Portugal.

Alexandra Pessanha, the president of idD Portugal Defence, attended the Portugal Air Summit – Take Off ’24, where she participated in the panel “The Defense Industry in Portugal: How to consolidate its development?”. During the event, Alexandra pointed out several crucial points for the progress and strengthening of the national Defense Industry.

Alexandra Pessanha highlighted the relevance of the Military Programming Law (LPM), emphasizing that it encompasses a series of structuring projects essential for strengthening the capabilities of the Portuguese Armed Forces, whose execution should be ensured, as much as possible, by the national industry. In this context, Alexandra emphasized the program for the construction of the 6 Ocean Patrol Vessels (OPV) and the impact it can have on the development of the defense economic sector.

Finally, Alexandra Pessanha identified the need to raise public awareness about investment in the Defense sector and stressed the importance of medium-term planning for public investment and the dialogue that should exist between the Armed Forces, Industry, and Research Centers.