idD e NATO/DIANA marcam presença na Web Summit 2023

idD Portugal Defence, in collaboration with the NATO Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA), participated in Web Summit 2023, Pavilion 1 – booth: E174, from November 13 to 16, in Lisbon.

The main goal of this joint participation, in one of the world’s largest technology and innovation events, was to promote idD as a bridge between Portuguese companies, research centers, and universities and NATO/DIANA, raising awareness within the national innovation ecosystem about the DIANA acceleration program and other opportunities for innovation and development in the Defense sector.

The joint participation of idD and DIANA allowed national entities that had applied for DIANA 2023 challenges to take part in the Web Summit, where they could showcase their services and products to potential investors and partners. This partnership underscored Portugal’s ongoing commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship in the Defense sector, positioning the country as a hub for research and technology.


On November 14, an informal session titled “Meet the People: Innovate with the Portuguese Defence” took place, providing an excellent opportunity for companies to engage with representatives of the Portuguese Armed Forces regarding challenges and available instruments to drive product development in the Defense sector.

The following day, November 15, was marked by numerous visits to the idD Portugal Defence and NATO/DIANA stands, along with sessions titled “Back to the Future: Investing in deep tech” and “Navigating Deep Tech Opportunities.”

The main objective of these sessions was to provide a deeper understanding of the NATO Innovation Fund (NIF) and highlight the potential for collaboration between national startups, the NIF, and the National Innovation Agency, emphasizing funding opportunities and support for innovation aimed at driving technological development.

On the last day, November 16, a meeting took place at the stand where NATO/DIANA, idD Portugal Defence, the NATO Innovation Fund (NIF), and companies related to technology, innovation, and defense gathered under the theme “Meet the people: NATO approach to disruptors.”

With the aim of bringing companies closer and raising awareness about the DIANA acceleration program and the NATO innovation fund, the event featured Deeph Chana, Managing Director of NATO/DIANA, Cynthia Shaw, Senior Challenge Manager at NATO/DIANA, Kelly Chen, Founding Team at the NATO Innovation Fund, and the President of idD Portugal Defence, Alexandra Pessanha.

During the day, a presentation on the theme “DIANA: Reimagining deep tech innovation for a new era” took place to demonstrate the functioning of these funds, the application processes, and the benefits for selected companies.

During these three days, as a result of the joint participation of idD Portugal Defence and NATO/DIANA, we had on display a Survey Wall that provided visitors with the opportunity to express their opinions about the future of technologies. Three questions were presented: “Who do you think will play the largest role in shaping future technologies?”, “In the years ahead, which of the following technologies do you think will have the biggest impact on our collective security?”, “As an aspiring tech innovator or entrepreneur, which of the following would be most helpful to you?”. The results are available in the photo gallery.

The joint participation of idD and DIANA enabled the involvement of national entities that applied to the challenges of DIANA 2023 in the Web Summit. This partnership is a testament to Portugal’s ongoing commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship in the Defense sector, showcasing the country as a hub for research and technology.

The DIANA is a customized NATO acceleration program focused on commercial and defense issues. Additionally, it funds the best solutions in support of development and technological demonstration, facilitating access to 90+ test centers and promoting contact with investors and end-users to support the transition and adoption of technology.

idD Portugal Defence is responsible for implementing the DIANA Accelerator in Portugal, consolidating the country’s position as a hub for Defense innovation and disruptive technologies.