idD Portugal Defence manages the acquisition programme

The Government approved, on May 20, in the Council of Ministers, a Resolution authorising the acquisition of six new Ocean Patrol Vessels (OPV), of the «Viana do Castelo» class, destined for the Portuguese Navy missions.

This structuring project constitutes an opportunity for the Defence industry, increasing the activity of Portuguese and European companies that provide Defence or dual-use products, services and technologies. The management of the OPV Acquisition Programme, together with the Portuguese Navy and DGRDN, is assigned to idD Portugal Defence, S.A.

The programme for the acquisition of six new Ocean Patrol Vessels is one of the structuring projects of the 2019 Military Programming Law and involves 352 million euros. The OPV will be delivered to the Navy between 2023 and 2029.

“Today is the Navy’s Day and by happy coincidence we can today announce the decision to acquire six more Ocean Patrol Vessels”, stated the Minister of National Defence, João Gomes Cravinho, at the end of the meeting of the Council of Ministers held at the Palace of Ajuda, in Lisbon.

The Minister explained that the “program starts now, in 2021, and runs until 2029”, with the delivery of the first ship scheduled for “the end of 2023” and the rest delivered annually until 2029.

The Minister also stated that this will be “an important stimulus for the defence industries”, which “represent qualified jobs, also represent an important contribution to GDP and exports” and “have a significant multiplier effect for the economy”.

João Gomes Cravinho considers that “ships are naturally military vessels and, therefore, destined to control the maritime space under Portuguese jurisdiction, but they also have high capacities for dual use, for civil use, namely for search and rescue, for fishing control, to combat pollution, to combatting drug or other illegal traffic”.

The acquisition of six new OPV will reinforce the Patrol and Inspection capacity, guaranteeing the control of maritime spaces under national sovereignty and jurisdiction and the fulfilment of the international commitments assumed by the Portuguese State, within the scope of safeguarding human life at sea and maritime search and rescue.