The Executive Director of the European Defence Agency (EDA), Jiří Šedivý, accompanied by the Chairman of idD Portugal Defence, Marco Capitão Ferreira, visited ETI and OGMA last Thursday to learn about the development and potential of these companies, namely products and services in terms of simulation and training and defence aeronautics.

At ETI, a company 100% owned by the Portuguese State, the Executive Director of EDA had the opportunity to meet the team of ETI engineers and some virtual training models and simulators for the air and land domains. He attended 3D training, F-16 flight simulation, control tower simulators and even ground driving, which he had the opportunity to try out. ETI took this opportunity to note that it invests in R&D and is involved in the Transformative Advanced Capabilities for Armoured Platforms (TACAP) project, a candidate for the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP), which also involves OGMA.

At 100 years old’ OGMA, he learned about OGMA’s multiple missions such as maintenance and repair for defence, civil aviation, engines, components, aerial structures, visited several hangars where military aircraft were in the process of maintenance and repair, and the facilities dedicated to aerostructures and engines – it should be remembered that, last November, OGMA also announced that, despite the pandemic situation, it will invest 74 million euros for the installation of a maintenance and repair line for new generation Pratt & Whitney engines, with the GTF technology.

In addition to the simulated driving experience at ETI and the magnitude of production at OGMA, including a visit to the cockpit of a C-130 aircraft, the EDA Executive Director expressed his appreciation for both companies, not only for the hospitality of their Directors, but also recognising their value for the Portuguese Defence Economy and their impact and competitiveness potential at European and international level.

The two companies are not only part of the Defence Technological and Industrial Base (DTIB), managed by idD Portugal Defence within the framework of the development of the Defence Economy in Portugal, but also integrate the shares hold by idD Portugal Defence.

ETI, fully owned by idD Portugal Defence, was established as a result of a spin-off from OGMA in 2004, specialising in the design, engineering and development of complex operational, tactical and maintenance simulators, as well as maintenance applications, virtual training, software testing systems and maintenance support solutions. Its mission is related to the objective of improving the customer’s performance through innovative solutions, ensuring state-of-the-art technology in the provision of its multidisciplinary products and services, which include support for aircraft and ship systems, as well as the development of tactical communication systems, personalised virtual training, interactive systems, static simulators and dynamic simulators.

OGMA, privatised in 2005, is managed by EMBRAER and idD Portugal Defence, in 65% and 35% respectively, being internationally recognised in the aeronautical maintenance and manufacturing sector, operating in the civil and military aviation market, also providing service authorised maintenance service for products from a variety of manufacturers, including Lockheed Martin, Embraer and Rolls-Royce.