The Accreditation of organisations is the verification process and the act of formal declaration by the National Security Office (Gabinete Nacional de Segurança – GNS) attesting or certifying the suitability and reliability of a company to access, handle, hold and store classified information of interest for the exercise of its activity.

Accreditation, whether of the organisation or of its governing bodies, is a requirement for Licensing for the Defence Economy (more info here), a necessary step if you want your company to produce, consume or sell equipment, materials or services that are found under the common rules applicable to the control of exports of military technology and equipment.

The Accreditation process must be conducted by the National Security Office (GNS), an entity that exclusively protects and safeguards classified information. The GNS is run by the National Security Authority.

To start the Accreditation process, access the GNS website –

For further questions or clarifications you should contact idD Portugal Defence and/or GNS through the following contact points: