idD Portugal Defence gathered a set of information that allows to draw a picture of what is the Defence Economy in Portugal.

From figures on the average activity of entities to the characterisation of the sector’s Human Resources, here you will find some of the data collected by idD Portugal Defence.

The Portuguese defence economy has a very diverse set of companies and technological research and training centres, covering 40 sectors of activity and promoting synergies between dual military and civilian use.

It is based on highly educated and skilled human capital, with a high level of productivity and a superior content of knowledge and technological R&D that support innovation and master key competences in developing products and providing services in all military domains: complex systems, communications, engineering, aircrafts, ships, manned and unmanned vehicles, training & simulation, weaponry, technical textiles and many other areas.

The Portuguese Defence Technological and Industrial Base (DTIB) contains a set of national scientific and technological companies and entities, public or private, with the ability to intervene in one or more stages of the Defence systems and equipment life cycle and other civil domains, such as, Security, Aeronautics, Space and Sea.

Economia de Defesa - Licenciamento

The Defence Economy requires the licensing, by the Ministry of National Defence, of economic operators who intend to carry out the activity of commerce and/or industry of military goods and technologies and products related to Defence.

Certificação de Sistemas de Armas e Equipamentos Militares

The Qualification System is destined to equipments or systems developed by the Defence Technological and Industrial base companies that are tested by the Portuguese Army.