Economia de Defesa Oportunidades: Lei de Programação Militar e Cofinanciamento do Fundo Europeu de Defesa

The Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transition organised, through idD Portugal Defence, IDN – National Defence Institute and GEE – Gabinete de Estratégia e Estudos, the web conference Defence Economy – Opportunities: Military Programming Law and European Defence Fund co-funding, on the 10th, 11th and 12th of March 2021.

The conference aimed to clarify the entities of the Defence Technological and Industrial Base (DTIB) about the opportunities that arise for the Defence Economy. The European Defence Fund (2021-2027) has 7.9 billion euros and the Military Programming Law 4.74 billion euros. Both constitute extraordinary opportunities for companies and for the National Scientific and Technological System.

idD Portugal Defence, IDN and GEE joined to, simultaneously and with the collaboration of companies, launch an online survey (CLICK HERE) to identify the main needs of DTIB and better characterise the Defence Economy sector. With the information collected by the survey, the Ministries intend to define more adequate support instruments for the participation of Portuguese companies in the opportunities created by the Military Programming Law and by the European Defence Fund.