idD Portugal Defence manages acquisition programme for the OPVs

idD Portugal Defence is the entity responsible for managing the acquisition programme for the six new Ocean Patrol Vessels (OPVs), in articulation with the Portuguese Navy and DRGDN, as part of its advisory activity on equipment transactions within the framework of the execution of the Military Programming Law.

The acquisition of the OPVs, of the «Viana do Castelo» class, destined to the Navy’s missions, and that constitutes a structural project of the Military Programming Law of 2019, was approved by Resolution of the Council of Ministers of 20 of May 2021, and has an associated financial envelope of 352 million euros.

OPVs reinforce Navy’s capacity

These vessels will reinforce the Patrol and Surveillance capacity, ensuring the control of maritime spaces under national sovereignty and jurisdiction. They will also be important to comply wilt international commitments taken by the Portuguese State, regarding safeguarding human life at sea and maritime search and rescue.

The OPV’s stand out due to their capacity for search and rescue, fishing control, environmental activities and combatting drug or other illegal traffic.

idD Portugal Defence interventional enhances the economic impact of the acquisition

This is, at the same time, a structuring project, with a high economic impact. The OPVs acquisition is an opportunity for the Defence industry, increasing the Portuguese and European activity in the develop and supply defence or dual-use products, services and technologies, presenting a high multiplier effect for the economy that idD Portugal Defence intends to enhance.

The OPV’s will be delivered to the Portuguese Navy between 2023 and 2029.