Cyber Academia and Innovation Hub

Cyber Academia and Innovation Hub

The CAIH (Cyber Academia and Innovation Hub) is an entity of the National Defence ecosystem, in the implementation phase, focused on the areas of cyber defense and cyber security, where idD Portugal Defence participates to maximize the impacts on the national economy by strengthening the connection with the entities of the Defence Technological and Industrial Base (DTIB) and the National Scientific and Technological System (NSTS)

The CAIH’s action plan is structured within the following strategic lines:

  1. To enhance Cyber Education, Training and Exercises (ET&E), Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I), and Industry Development (IND.D), to feed the national and international ecosystems with knowledge, the competencies and skills required for a new generation of professionals, as well as to support the development of cyber capabilities.

The CAIH will be established as an international Centre of Excellence on Cyber Defence and Cyber Security which interconnects Universities, Research Centres, Industry and other entities and organizations of the public and private sector. ​

EU Cyber Academia and Innovation Hub

It is important to underline the unique role of CAIH vis-à-vis other entities which develop activities in the cyber domain, as well as its complementarity and its ability to establish synergies with these entities, namely since: (i) it is simultaneously enhancing the cybersecurity and cyber defence capability development processes; (ii) it has a national dimension that contributes for the National Cyberspace Security Strategy; and (iii) it has an international dimension in line with the European Union (EU) cybersecurity strategy, as well as with NATO’s cyber defence policy.

The CAIH will be available to EU and NATO, in accordance with the EU-NATO Joint Declaration, to the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community (CPLP) and to the 5+5 Defence Initiative.

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