Defence4Tech Hub

Defence4Tech Hub is the first Digital Innovation Hub dedicated to the Defence Economy in Europe.

Defence4Tech Hub, led by idD Portugal Defence, is a consortium that also includes AED Cluster Portugal, UNINOVA, the research and development centers of the three branches of the Armed Forces and the Military University Institute (CINAMIL, CIAFA, CINAV and CIDIUM), the University of Beira Interior, the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, the ISQ, CEiiA and DTx CoLAB.

The Digital Innovation Hubs are an integral part of the Digital Europe Program and aim to accelerate the dissemination and adoption of digital technologies by companies and the Public Administration, contributing to increasing the competitiveness of their processes, products and services. Defence4Tech Hub was designated to access the European seal of the European Digital Innovation Hubs network.

The Defence4Tech Hub is an important tool in the strategy for the European Defence Economy that idD Portugal Defence is promoting, playing an important role in promoting the economic fabric and contributing to the re-industrialization of Europe.


To stimulate SMEs’ update and digital evolution in strategic Defence related sectors such as Aeronautics, Space, Naval, Electronics and Communication Systems, and their supply chains.


A TOOLBOX FOR DIGITALIZATION| Provide digital services to SMEs, speeding up product development and improving business processes.

A HUB FOR EDUCATION PROGRAMS | Connect higher education institutions and the private sector for the definition of education programs focused on the needs of the Defence Economy companies

A BOOSTER FOR TRAINING | Increase digital literacy among Portuguese workers in the Defence Economy sector, by providing upscaling training to promote digital transformation

AN INSTRUMENT TO SUPPORT INVESTMENT | Help SMEs in the Defence Economy sector attract investment, ensuring better usability and accessibility in the digital context, reducing red tape costs.


This hub will comprise:

  • TEST BEFORE INVEST | Experimentation, testing and evaluation of the potential impact of digital technologies in the phase before the investment decision
  • BETTER DIGITAL SKILLS | Qualification and training in digital areas to enhance the digital transformation and upscaling of the workforce’s competencies to modernize the Defence Economy
  • EASIER ACCESS TO FUNDING | Creation of a one-stop-shop structure to support companies in the Defence Economy sector to gain access to funding opportunities for digital technologies, namely in the process of searching, preparing, submitting and following-up of applications, specifically in the context of the European Defence Fund
  • STRONGER ENGAGEMENT | Acting as an enabler, gathering the industry, companies and Public Administration to adopt new technological solutions, leveraging the creation of start-ups and SME to provide market-ready digital solutions.

The services provided by Defence4Tech Hub will be non-profit.


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