Multipurpose Unmanned Ground System

//Multipurpose Unmanned Ground System
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Project Description

Multipurpose Unmanned Ground System


Clusters: UAV-UUV-UGV

Data limite: 20-09-2019


Documentos de suporte para consulta:

  • All calls for tenders published by EC – CONSULTE AQUI
  • Calls for proposals conditions for the calls and annex – CONSULTE AQUI
  • Guide for applicants – CONSULTE AQUI
  • General Model Grant Agreement – CONSULTE AQUI
  • Eligible costs allocated to SMEs and mid-caps – CONSULTE AQUI
  • Budget table – Actual costs – CONSULTE AQUI
  • Declaration of Honour for Applicants (DoH) – CONSULTE AQUI
  • Pre-existing information (background information) linked to third countries or third country entities – CONSULTE AQUI
  • Statistical information on applicants, linked third parties and subcontractors having a direct contractual relationship with an applicant – CONSULTE AQUI

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